Hello! I am a Melbourne-based designer that specialises in graphic, motion and UX design. I love mixing it up with various mediums and techniques to get my ideas out there. I've got an eye for the details and a solid grasp on how color and composition can turn good into great. Always on the lookout for new skills and trends to keep my work sharp and engaging. My aim is to create designs that look good and resonate with my target audience.



The aim of this work is to reflect Spotify's branding as seamlessly as possible. The work draws on existing branding by focusing on the use of a recurring visual motif, the use of a template, and adapting that template to reflect a variety of experiences. My goal was to apply color, copy, and animation in a holistic manner.
Motion Graphics
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Unite is a web service designed to help junior designers collaborate on projects, with the purpose of increasing their capabilities and establishing connections to other designers. The design was followed a standard UX development cycle which included brainstorming, interviews, an audit, empathy mapping and more.


Wear It well is a narrative driven, one page scroll website that delves into the issue of clothing waste. I used a combination of animations that i built in after effects and the inbuilt features of webflow.
Motion Graphics & Web DESIGN
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The Bike book is a Targeted website designed to connect New Commuters to cycling services in Melbourne. It was a co-designed project, with the idea originating from my own experiences in learning the routes, roads and rules of cycling in Melbourne. Throughout the process my participants workshopped ideas - through activities such as card sorting - which i then implemented into the final design.
UX & graphic Design

Arbes logo

Jess from Arbes approached me to do a logo for her band. The brief was to keep it simple, playful and organic.
Logo design

Shadow typeface

Shadow is designed as a display font. It is inspired by an arabic font called Hayat, which has a high degree of contrast.